What to do when EVERYTHING feels like a struggle

What to do when EVERYTHING feels like a struggle

It’s OK doing the right thing when everything in your life is tickety-boo – those rare moments when you actually WANT to choose the salad over the burger (OK, DOUBLE burger) and chips, be sociable or bust out those push-ups.

It’s always easy on the good days – the days when you wake up feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on the world (I think I last experienced this sometime in 2008 – for about 38 seconds), it’s the bad days that are the real test – the days when everything you experience makes you feel like shit.

The same book that inspired you yesterday can be demoralising the next. That podcast that fired up you up last week makes you want to hate the world the next time you hear it. You want to hug someone one moment and the next you’re plotting their painful death (unless it’s Mel B, in which case, you ALWAYS want to strangle her!).

What are you supposed to do on the bad days?

Plough through anyway.

Bad days are a great example of why systems and habits are important.

If you know what works for you, it allows you to crank through the reps on even your darkest days, knowing that even though it’s not fun, you are at least doing the right things.

You don’t have to LIKE it, you just have to DO it.

Pay attention to the daily tasks and actions that have the biggest positive impact on your life. Write them down somewhere so that on your bad days, you can reaffirm to yourself that these are the things you need to get done to give you the best life possible, even if you hate every single second of doing them.

What do you need to get done?

  • Doing a short workout (putting on a T-shirt and rolling out my mat counts as exercise, right?)?
  • Fasting till 12pm?
  • Writing for an hour?
  • Connecting with someone?
  • Writing “that” email?

What are the daily actions/habits you need to have in place to have a great day? Get them down on paper, so that when you’re not feeling it, you can bust through the list, knowing that you’re at least doing the right things (even though you’d rather be back in bed!).

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