The Introverts Guide to Surviving Christmas

If you’re an introvert, it’s good to be reminded at this time of year that it’s OK to take time for look after yourself and your energy levels.

It got me thinking about Christmas. Specifically, how to survive it as an introvert without killing anyone because killing people is bad and, quite possibly, illegal (I can’t be sure of this. What am I, a lawyer?).

Does the thought of one more game of charades make you want to hate the world and everyone in it?

Contrary to popular belief, introverts can be good at public speaking, networking and other people-centred activities, such as volleyball, protesting and stalking.

Instead, introverts use up energy being around people and in social situations. They recharge doing more solitude-y things, like reading, walking and planning world domination from their underground bunker.

If you’re an introvert, Christmas can be a taxing time. There are energy sapping activities EVERYWHERE.

If you don’t pay attention, you can quickly find yourself drained of energy, wiped out, hating Christmas and everything in it.

The key is to think about your energy like you would your phone battery – have easy access to a charger.

You need moments to top up your introvert.

Even the most family-rich of Christmases have opportunities for an “introvert top up” (I’m not using that phrase again, it sounds dubious), whether it be:

  • a quick walk out to get some air (and, by “get some air”, I do of course mean, “yell obscenities until your lungs bleed”),
  • a fake phone call you just HAVE to make (“I’m sorry, but if I don’t find out the Easter opening times of DFS now, I could miss out…”),
  • 328 visits to the toilet because of your “explosive and frequent bowel thing”,
  • a quick drive to the nearest Tesco to get supplies on Boxing day, (“I can’t believe I got lost….85 times”),
  • suggesting a 3-hour family meditation/nap after lunch,
  • plan something “introverty” you can enjoy after the extroversion hell you’ve experienced,
  • reminding yourself that it’s 364 days until you have to go through this hell again!

Christmas doesn’t have to be hell for introverts.

The key is to remind yourself that it’s OK to put yourself first every now and then and that’s it’s far better to find moments to “top up your introvert” (damn, I used it again), rather than resorting to killing people (again, I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take this as legal advice).

Have an amazing Christmas!

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