Looking for Purpose and Meaning in Your Life? Try BRINGING it!

Purpose and Meaning

It’s the end of the year – a time when a lot of us take stock of our lives and wonder if we’re heading in the right direction. We think about the changes we want to make and then set new years resolutions to help us head in the right direction.

Of course, by mid-January, we’ll all be knee deep in doughnuts, scooping up football-sized clumps of ice cream with our gym membership cards.

Regardless, the question of, “what is my life purpose?” often comes up around this time of year, so I thought I’d write about it.

Finding your passion or calling is a frustrating thing. How are you meant to “find” it exactly? Is it under a rock? Hidden inside you? There are so many things you COULD be doing, it would take years to find the one thing you were put on this earth to do!

Maybe we’re looking at it the wrong way. Maybe, instead of trying to find the perfect job – the one that is totally, 100% “us”, we need to look a bit deeper at the words we use.


If it’s purpose and meaning you’re after in your life, there’s good news – they can be found pretty much anywhere, from giving a life-saving injection to a father with Malaria to packing groceries to a stressed mother with 3 kids.

Purpose and meaning are not found IN a specific job – they’re what you bring TO the job.

If you’re looking for more purpose and meaning in your life, try bringing them to the interactions you already have every single day. Meaning and purpose are found in the feelings you create in yourself and other people.

Giving a life-saving jab to a father gives him his health, hope and family back – that’s meaning. Helping mothers pack their shopping with a fun conversation and a cheery smile has a purpose – you’re giving them a brief moment of respite and making their life a tiny bit easier.

Give your job meaning and depth by doing your best and realising that meaning and purpose can be found ANYWHERE – regardless of whether you have the perfect job, wife or Bulgarian tennis coach or not.

Be of service. Be of REAL, GENUINE service to people, in every area of your life, as often as you can. As you do, pay attention and you’ll find yourself drawn to specific purposes and you’ll notice that certain meanings will have a bigger impact upon you than others.

Maybe you discover that helping the elderly live more independently makes your heart smile.

Maybe working with kids and taking them from “terrified” to “secure” makes your inner fuzzy tingle.

Try things. Help others. Be of service, then pay attention. Notice what lights you up. Notice what REALLY matters to you.

Don’t sit on your backside and wait for your calling to magically appear. Add purpose and meaning to what you already do, and see where that takes you.

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