IfYou’re Looking For a New Morning Routine…

If you’re putting together a morning routine – one that makes you feel empowered, positive, energised and motivated to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you, you’re probably considering a lot of different habits and rituals.

Let me help.

If you’ve been looking at the “smashing-your-wife’s-favourite-Cath-Kidston-bowl-into-a-thousand-pieces-only-to-later-discover-that-they-are-no-longer-produced-anymore-so-now-you-feel-shit-all-day” option, here’s my comprehensive review after having successfully completed it this morning:

Don’t, it’s shit.

Join me tomorrow when I’ll be stepping in dog poop in my bare feet, using cracked heel cream as toothpaste and shouting “SHOES…TEETH!” at my children at increasingly loud intervals.