How To Tame Perfection

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed recently.

(I would have said “so overwhelmed”, but that would have increased the overwhelm further, so decided against it)

It feels like there are just a few too many things I “could” or “should” be doing around at the moment.

“Should I email more potential leads?”
“Could I start meditating more?”
“Should I take off this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, stop practising my MC Hammer dance and get on with some proper work?”

It’s hard to know what to do.

Usually, choice is a good thing. After all, it’s better to have too many options than too few, right?

Not for me.

As my school reports attest to, I’m different; I’m special.

My brain doesn’t seem to handle choice well (those of you that have ever been stuck behind me in McDonald’s as I decide which of the nutritious salads to order will appreciate this).

My appalling choice handling skills are probably the reason why I wrote about loving the idea of having a Sergeant Major barking orders at me.

To be fair, it doesn’t HAVE to be a Sergeant Major, it could be any angry, shouty man (like Barry Scott from the Cillit Bang commercial – he’d do!).

Anyone to take all the nasty and scary choice (and doubt) out of the equation.

When overwhelmed, I tend to shut down and do nothing, which, though handy if you work in the Post Office, is of little use in any other situation.

Yesterday, when I felt overwhelmed, I decided to take action…

…but only a small one.

I decided to be a decent human being.

That was it.

Just be a decent human being.


(What Would Jeff Do? Jeff Goldblum – movie star and all round good guy. A great role model. It used to be, “What would Jason Do?”, as in Jason Statham, but loud explosions, killing people in a horrifically violent manner and being formerly married to Kelly Brook can only get you so far in life!)

Focus on being a decent human.

Don’t worry about productivity, maximising anything, using the word “optimal” or yelling “WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE MY INSTAGRAM POSTS? I PUT A DOG IN IT FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!!”…

…just do nice things for other people.

So, I went on LinkedIn and used some of the funny templates I’ve written to message people who were celebrating – new positions, birthdays or a recent successful trip to Lidl (a “successful trip to Lidl” – one where you manage to do your weekly shop without resorting to any form of medication).

This is not high-level stuff. You don’t need to go on a Tony Robbins course to master the art of saying “Happy Birthday!” to that Vietnamese pebble dasher you accepted just to boost your numbers.

You probably won’t find this technique in any of those “EARN GAZILLIONS WITH LINKEDIN – IN ONLY 28.6 SECONDS A DAY!” type courses.

Because it probably won’t earn you gazillions.

In fact, it definitely won’t. I know this because I did this yesterday and only earned £647,243 (which is a bit of a shame as the gazillions thing would’ve made a great course!).

So, I’m not a gazillionaire like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or former Olympic Javelin winner Tessa Sanderson…

…but I did feel good, and I made people smile, and I had fun conversations with people. I found a bit more about them, and they found a bit more about me.

It was nice. Being a decent human being feels good.

When you’re self-employed, sometimes it is about the bottom line, and then, at other times, it isn’t.

Sometimes it is just about being nice; being kind – being a decent human being.

Not because it generates income, but because being kind and making other people feel good is just the right thing to do.

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