Everything is not going to be OK…

“Everything’s going to be OK…”

That’s what people say.

The trouble is, “Everything’s going to be OK…” is not much help on its own.

Like licking beads of sweat off the back of your hairy cellmate, you need something palatable to follow it – something to help you feel like everything actually will be OK.

It needs a “because”.

If you’re having a meltdown at work, you don’t need to hear, “Everything’s going to be OK…”, you need to hear, “Everything’s going to be OK…BECAUSE we’ve all decided to stay late and help you wipe the hard drives, burn our fingerprints off and emigrate to Mexico.”

I think there’s something else here though – something more fundamental.

Everything is NOT going to be OK…

…because everything IS OK.

Whatever you’re feeling, right now? That’s OK.

Whether you’re ecstatically happy that your favourite football team (such as Manchester Athletic or Arsenal City) have scored a home run, or whether you’re in the depths of depression because you’ve just heard that Channel 5 has cancelled the next series of “Lapdancing – shake, bump and grind…with Ann Widdicombe”, that’s OK.

You have to give yourself permission to feel whatever you’re presently feeling. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, it just is.

Everything is OK. You might not feel good about it, but worrying about whether YOU are good or bad, right or wrong for experiencing something is not going to help. It’s just another thorn to remove from the wound.

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