"Hi, I'm John. I write about parenting, freelancing and other things that pop into my mind."

John Holt - writer, writer and writer

I don’t look like this normally.

Usually I look a lot worse. A LOT.

I’m also an award winning stand up comedian and magician.

Yes, really!

Mostly though, I’m a dad and a freelancer and, in this part of the web, I write about both of these things.

I don’t claim to have all the answers – I’m just trying to get a bit better.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something of use!


I like to read a lot of books and to make it appear that I’ve learned something, I occasionally make notes and summarise these. You can see for yourself if they’re any use by clicking the blue button.


I try to write blog posts on a semi-regular basis. If you think you might enjoy reading these, you can see if you’re right by clicking the red button below.


To get in touch to talk about freelancing, parenting or my weird,  overly enthusiastic love for Tunnocks Teacakes, you can use the green button below.

"Make sure that you shove an inspirational quote or something at the bottom of the page. Nobody will bother to read it, but it will make the website look really nice." - Abraham Lincoln